Rosarians who use Earth Right products are very happy with them. In the Kansas City area, Charlie Anctil, a respected Rosarian since 1958, who writes a column in the KC Gardener, recommends Earth Right products. In 2009 the Director of the Jacob L. Loose Memorial Park (Judy Penner) chose Earth Right Products for their renovation of the Laura Conyers Smith Municipal Rose Garden and have used the products ever since.

They use Earth Right Super Stuff®The Mushroom Stuff®, BOTH Sure Bloom® fertilizers, and a special product we make just for them, Magic Stinky Stuff. This special product is available in 55 gal drums as a special order product for professional use to aid in the recovery of any plant in crisis. Roses need proper soil tilth to aid in drainage; water and nutrient uptake; dispersion of salts and good root structure. Roses require water, but can’t withstand wet, soggy soils. They require nutrients that won’t burn the roots with high N values.

Just like people, roses need more than basic nutrition. When we “feed” plants with typical fertilizers there are three primary nutrients provided, nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. Of course our plants need those things but need so much more. A comparable analogy with people would be that they need water, protein, calcium, and potassium. Fine, but people also need a whole range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and phytonutrients. It turns out that plants, especially roses, need many of those things too!! The soil is where all the food and water reside for the plant. Getting it into the plant and properly taken up for use is the reason we need to treat with a natural system. For example, people need good bacteria for digestion and the soil needs good bacteria so plants can use nutrients for growth. Earth Right Super Stuff® contains microbes that are beneficial in growing roses. Soils also contain other types of microbes that are required for plants to resist disease and maintain good root structure. The Mushroom Stuff® contains these.

Without microbes nutrients aren’t in a form readily usable by plants. For roses, we need to ensure that microbes are always present to convert nutrients and boost immunity. Chemicals, such as fungicide, herbicide, or insecticide, kill many microbes and damage root hairs on feeder roots. This is known as “burning the roots”. We need to replenish microbes within a week after chemical applications to ensure the best, natural environment to maintain a level of immunity where we can reduce our chemical applications. We need to replace the beneficial fungus to restore hairs on feeder roots and restore the overall root structure. This is especially important in spring and occasionally throughout the season. Judy Penner has noticed that by using a combination of Earth Right products, there is less disease in the Laura Conyers Smith Municipal Rose Garden and she does not need to apply as many chemicals throughout the season.

Can you be more specific about how Earth Right Super Stuff® and The Mushroom Stuff® will improve my rose garden? [otw_shortcode_content_toggle title=”Answer” opened=”closed”] This quote from Ray Rothenberger at (Dept of Horticulture, MU) indicates how important drainage is for roses. “Roses must have good drainage and perform best when they have abundant water. The soil around the roots should always be damp but never saturated with standing water. Add water when the soil is dry in the upper 1 to 2″.” Thorough, deep watering is important. Apply water slowly and long enough to ensure deep penetration. Soil should be soaked to a depth of 1 ft. Judy Penner waters 1 – 2″ three to four times weekly in the hottest temperatures when there is no precipitation.

Earth Right Super Stuff® will reduce compaction, increase drainage, move the all-important phosphates and nutrients to the root zone, utilize nutrients that are already in the soil, improve the depth the roots can travel, and better utilize the nutrients and water you apply. As a result, Earth Right is ideal for growing roses. The molecule moves through the soil profile and opens up the soil. Multiple applications ensure that these spaces remain open, even with weathering. Minerals and water attach to the Earth Right molecule and holds them in suspension to enable your roses to feed as needed. No other product on the market today offers this unique benefit. Additionally, Earth Right disperses salts, which tend to build up in soils where chemical fertilizers have been applied. Roses will uptake water that is loaded with soluble sodium salts from commercial type fertilizers first. This is not as healthy as having proper nutritional profiles for the roses. It is much better to disperse these salts and make the other minerals soluble. Roses do not put out feeder roots very far so nutrients need to be near feeder roots. Using Earth Right at least 3 times/year supplies your roses with elements needed to keep soil tilth appropriate and to move nutrients and microbes to the root zone.

Designed to feed the mycorrhizae on plant roots, The Mushroom Stuff® mycelium feed all types of mycorrhizae so nutrient transport and root mass are improved. It is a blend of fermented organically grown oriental mushrooms, polypeptides, polyamines, nucleosides, terpenoids, alkaloids, carbohydrates, trace elements, natural micronutrients, nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and natural growth regulators. It promotes more blooms and canes, better growth with larger and darker leaves, promotes root disease resistance, and improves and increases root mass. Reduce reliance on chemicals and promote natural health. This unique blend gives you the edge in creating prize-winning rose gardens.