Use good soil and potting mix (with no chemicals) in pots, terrariums and baskets. Water them in with a mix of The Mushroom Stuff® and warm water (about 2 tbsp/gal). Then use Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 or Natural monthly or bi-monthly as needed. The Earth Right conditioner in the products allows fertilizer to stay in the root zone for better absorption. Our fertilizer does not ruin the soil in containers. Too much salt (found in many chemical fertilizers) makes the soil nasty and then you have to change out the soil annually.

By using Sure Bloom® you may have to add soil but you won’t be dumping any. If flowers are not blooming as I would like, I just use The Mushroom Stuff® to push the bloom. Remember, avoid clay pots that are unglazed if you use Earth Right® products because Earth Right® eats clay.