Apply Earth Right Super Stuff® 2 weeks prior to planting (1 pt/2000-2500 sq ft). At the time of planting, use The Mushroom Stuff® (1 – 2 tbsp/1-2 gal) and apply to the root zone of all plants. You can even use some in planting holes if you like. Unlike other rooting products, you do not have to dig this in. It may be applied with a sprayer or with a watering can. (We suggest using a watering can on tomatoes and roses because they don’t like water on their leaves.) Sure Bloom® Fertilizers can be used every 2 – 4 weeks in the garden to replace chemical fertilizers. They put everything in the root zone and contain natural ingredients. When we apply Sure Bloom® we give our plants a feast and we are also helping to reduce pollution by using fewer chemicals and because the plants (trees and shrubs too) actually use what you put down. How great is that?

Pet and child friendly, Sure Bloom® Fertilizers are great for flowers, vegetables, herbs, and perennials. In the garden when you want more blooms or fruit just use some Mushroom Stuff®. We never recommend using The Mushroom Stuff® unless you have also used Earth Right Super Stuff® in the garden. For example, if you have lots of tomatoes and roses, you will get lots of blooms with Mushroom Stuff®, and Earth Right Super Stuff® gives you what you need to have strong stalks and DEEP roots. Without that your stalks will not hold up with all of those extra blooms or fruit!