Earth Right Super Stuff® may be used as often as is necessary for your soil and lawn conditions. Twice a year is normally the minimum in the areas of the country that have clay and hardpan layers. In the fall, pre-condition your soil if you plan to overseed and help the lawn, trees and shrubs bear the effects of winter. Using Earth Right in the fall allows soil to take advantage of the winter moisture as the ground thaws. The Earth Right molecule will continue to unwind as the ground warms up. Your spring grass should come in early and be in good condition and the product will increase drainage during the rainy season. Summer applications aerate soil for optimum wicking action to lessen irrigation water usage. The nutrients and beneficial microbes contained in the product are of real value in providing all of the things that do not come in fertilizer products. This product actually makes the fertilizer you use more bioavailable to the grass and vegetation. The Mushroom Stuff® may also be used on lawns once a year to restore any root structure that may have been damaged by chemical applications and to increase the root mass of turf.