Yes, trees (evergreens too) need to store nutrients and sap prior to dormancy.

By using Earth Right to loosen soil for deep growth and The Mushroom Stuff to stimulate root growth in the fall, you support trees and shrubs during harsh winter weather and spring applications promote quicker blooms. Feeding Earth Right over your winterizer fertilizer is like giving them a feast. Or you can apply Sure Bloom® instead of granular fertilizers. Your trees will be healthier, and in spring should look better, earlier. Hopefully, you have already treated with Earth Right earlier the year. Spring and summer Earth Right applications will help your trees with the absorption of water and nutrients. And it will replenish the natural bacteria needed to convert the nutrients and keep plants healthier. Apply Earth Right Super Stuff® every spring and fall around trees, evergreens, shrubs, and in beds to keep soil soft, allow deeper root growth and so that wicking action takes place for the utilization of water and fertilizer. Use 1 tbsp/gal for every 1 ft of height. Phosphates and other nutrients will move to the root zone. This is key because the trees and shrubs generally have a hard time using the fertilizer you apply. Most fertilizer sits near the top of the soil and does not get down to the roots (except for Sure Bloom® that contains Earth Right conditioner).

Tree and Shrub Table