Hopefully, you treat the soil around all of your trees, evergreens, and shrubs every spring with Earth Right so that roots can continue to grow without resistance and so that no water stands around root systems. Treating with Earth Right will help your trees with the absorption of water and nutrients. The microbes in Earth Right aid soil pH and replenish the natural bacteria needed to convert nutrients and keep trees and shrubs healthier. We also recommend Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 be applied each spring around the root zone, especially for trees, evergreens, and shrubs 5 years or younger. It is the perfect food and contains more than just fertilizer.

The application rate is 2 oz (4tbsp)/gal at a rate of 1 tbsp/ft of height. Sometimes in our area we have warm weather early in the season, followed by cold or freezing temperatures after bulbs, shrubs, and perennials have begun to bloom. Use The Mushroom Stuff® right before or after the freezing weather hits, so you will have a better chance of getting new buds later on in the season. Also if you are not getting enough flowers on your flowering shrubs and trees use The Mushroom Stuff® as soon as you notice it. The Mushroom Stuff® can be premixed with Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 or Natural to save time by applying in one step.