Apply Earth Right Super Stuff® in the beds or pots 2 weeks prior to planting. If soil is soft you need less than if soil is hardpan or clay. Super Stuff® will ionize, soften the soil, and establish microbial colonies for better crops. Apply Mushroom Stuff® at planting or after germination of seed.

Then use Sure Bloom® fertilizers monthly or bi-monthly. I like to use them when blooms appear on my tomatoes and peppers. It helps set the blooms and I use it monthly in the gardens. I find cucumbers and beans do not feed as heavily and so you may want to use less. When I plant my tomatoes and peppers, I use 2 tbsp/gal and usually can plant 4 to 8 plants with just one gallon of mix, depending upon plant size. Or you can put Mushroom Stuff® in the dial sprayer and set it for 1 oz/gal. Apply to soil and water in or apply just before a rain. Remember though that tomatoes do not like wet leaves and so if I do not expect it to rain I water in with my watering can around the root zone.