Using Earth Right Super Stuff® prior to planting will soften soil for easier digging. In case you have planted in an area that holds water, plants won’t drown in standing water later when the heavier rains come. While Earth Right will reduce standing water quickly and areas that used to take days to drain after downpours should drain more quickly. We have also noted that if you use Earth Right on your entire property that everything will drain better and there will be less run-off to low or problem spots.

Two weeks prior to planting, apply Earth Right at a rate of 1 pt to 1000 – 2000 sq ft (4-8 oz/gal) – the rate will be dependent upon how hard your soil is and if water stands in that area. If you don’t get to it, then apply 1 week after planting. At planting, use The Mushroom Stuff ® – see the chart for rates. Spray around root systems 1 – 2 times a year (2 ft past the edge of the canopy). Be sure to use enough Earth Right because you don’t want your beautiful new plants and trees in standing water for extended periods of time.