The Mushroom Stuff® boosts early growth of newly planted roses and encourages rapid root growth. Sure Bloom® Natural can replace the fish emulsion application. In summer, only use Mushroom Stuff® if using Earth Right during the same month. Mushroom Stuff® will improve petal and leaf formation and increase the number of blooms. Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 will set the blooms.

Earth Right allows roses to grow taller in height, for stalks and stems to grow thicker and to root deeper. This is why we like the combination of the products for successful rose growing. If your roses are in an area that is not well-drained, use Earth Right more often. Earth Right Super Stuff® will continue to open soils at deeper levels the more often you apply it. Therefore, a little bit on a regular basis can improve soil more quickly. After applying for a number of years, apply less frequently.