We recommend an application of Earth Right be used 7 to 21 days before verticutting and seeding. The ground will become softer, as pore space is added to the soil profile. This will make your job in verticutting a much easier task. Additionally, you will prepare the soil to properly absorb water and nutrients. If you forget to use the product prior to seeding, you may apply it over the starter fertilizer on the day that you seed. Using Earth Right will increase the depth the roots can grow and ionize the soil. We recommend applying The Mushroom Stuff® at a rate of 1 pt/10,000 sq feet (set dial at 1 oz/gal) once the grass is at least 1/2″ tall.

Earth Right products prepare the soil to properly absorb water and nutrients. After the seed germinates, the grass will be able to grow longer roots, due to the fact that Earth Right creates pore space. The Mushroom Stuff® contains beneficial oriental mushrooms that aid in producing strong and healthy root systems; trace minerals; minerals; enzymes; amino acids and vitamins. This will promote rapid growth of the root structure. You will see an increase in germination rates and your grass will be in better health during the dormant season when using these products. You may use Sure Bloom® as a starter fertilizer.