Space roses when you plant per instructions you can find online or at your local rose society, but leave a little extra room. Our products cause great growth and you will need a little more space so that the roses don’t grow into each other. Use Earth Right Super Stuff® when digging a new spot 2 weeks before planting. During the first year, if you have very compact soil, use 2 tbsp/gal/bush and apply monthly from March through September. Afterward apply as indicated on the grid below when the ground is not frozen.

Use The Mushroom Stuff® (2 tbsp/gal) when planting. When you want blooms within 10 – 14 days starting in mid-May in the KC area use The Mushroom Stuff® (1 tbsp/gal/bush). Use Sure Bloom® as soon as the buds come on the bush to set the blooms (1 tbsp/gal/bush). Climbers and large shrubs may require a little bit more product and water. Summer use is safe when used in mornings and evenings. Roots won’t burn. Only use products occasionally with miniatures as you will want to keep these small. See grid below for application rates.

Roses thrive when you follow the basic rules for growing them and apply Earth Right products. Earth Right is a proud supporter of the Kansas City Rose Society, the Johnson County Rose Society and the Laura Conyers Smith Municipal Rose Garden in Jacob L. Loose Memorial Park.

Suggested Product Usage for

Hybrid Tea ROSES in the Kansas City Area

All dates are approximate, depending upon the weather conditions.

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Knockout Roses can be treated 1 – 2 times a season. That is normally enough.

Application Rates for Hybrid Tea Roses