The list below gives an overview of what each product can do for you. Please contact us for a detailed data sheet on each product if you need more information.



Breaks up clay soils for better nutrient and water absorption. Provides microbes for healthier soils. Supports root growth by allowing roots to go deeper. Makes nutrients already in the soil available for plants and turf. Improves drainage. Reduces heat stress. Increases wicking action and ionization. Contains 48% conditioner.


The Mushroom Stuff

ROOT STARTER Establish, Improve, and Restore ROOT STRUCTURE of Turf, Trees, Flowers, Evergreens, Shrubs, Roses, Veggies and Plants! Promote germination and massive root structure. Transplants have improved survival rates… and here is why. Contains fungal mycelium that feed mycorrhizae living on all roots. They are not plant specific so you only need one product to apply to the soil for turf, edibles, flower gardens, trees, evergreens and shrubs. Included are organic ingredients that promote immunity to root disease, new blooms, new canes, and acts as a gentle low N food source. Contains 48% conditioner.


Sure Bloom

SURE BLOOM® Fertilizers are so environmentally friendly. Instead of leaching into the soil profile the nutrients are used almost entirely by the turf and plants in your landscape beds.

Sure Bloom® 6-7-6 Garden Formula fertilizes and conditions, so the nutrients reach the root zone! This product sets the blooms while it feeds the plants. Trees, evergreens and shrubs love this fertilizer. Contains 7% conditioner.

Sure Bloom® Natural Formula is great for herbs and veggies that are not high nitrogen dependant and perfect if you want a formula without chemical NPK. Instead this formula relies on fish, seaweed, alfalfa and other natural fertilizers and nutrients. Sure Bloom® Natural replaces fish emulsion applications because it contains fish emulsion plus so much more. Contains 7% conditioner.


Pond Stuff

Pond Stuff® is a great product for homeowners with water features. The product will not hurt wildlife or fish. It works best in ponds that are at least 3 ft deep. Adding a safe dye in the heat in shallow ponds allows you to use it in shallower water. Containing BOTH microbes and barley straw extract, one pint treats 16000 gallons and so for about the same money you can treat four times the amount of water with both microbes and barley straw extract. For under $30 you will get over a $100 value.

Earth Right’s Natural Pond Clarifier is a system of microbes and other natural ingredients for remediation of lakes, ponds, wetlands, lagoons and other surface water. This is a Professional Strength product.