Charles E. Anctil, 1932-2017

Charlie Anctil judged over 200 rose competitions in many states for over two decades.

Charlie Anctil was a big supporter of natural methods of growing. Charlie spread the word about the use of Earth Right products in the Greater Kansas City area since he was introduced to Earth Right Products. As a long time Rosarian, Charlie judged over 200 Rose competitions in many states for over two decades. We appreciate his love of our products on his roses.
Here are some thoughts about Charlie from friends and fellow rose growers:

  • Moffett nursery customers say, “Charlie is the best rose man in town.”
  • Sandy Campuzano, past rose show blue-ribbon winner poetically says, “Charlie knows it all, first one I call.”
  • “Chuck is dedicated to roses and he shares his love with others. He works with roses all day at the nursery and also grows them at home. He was president of the Clay County Rose Society for three terms. His meetings were interesting, and he always made us laugh.” – Donna Kitterman, longtime friend and extraordinary rose exhibitor.
  • “For nearly two decades, Charlie Anctil has generously shared his rose expertise in the pages of our magazine. The gardening community is better educated due to his efforts, and we are forever grateful.”​ – Elizabeth Cavanaugh, Editor, The Kansas City Gardener.​

Charlie used Earth Right Super Stuff & The Mushroom Stuff to enhance root structure, as a natural fertilizer, to produce more blooms, reduce the need to spray for black spot, reduce water usage, drain standing water, break up clay and to repair soil in poor condition.

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