Thanks to Earth Right products, I once again have a thriving garden here in our new home.

“I had no idea how bad soil could be until I moved to my new home. I have gardened for my whole life and never lost as many plants as I did in my new garden. I tried everything.

Then one day the owner of Heartland Nursery suggested I try Earth Right Super Stuff®. He said that he did not believe all the claims until he tried it himself and was quite surprised by the impressive results. At this point I was desperate for any help I could get.

I was not totally sure about the product and e-mailed the e-address on the bottle. I was so shocked that there was a real person to correspond with who even gave me her phone number and said to call with questions…. which is exactly what I did.

Janmarie had an incredible wealth of knowledge. I will say I was still rather skeptical. When I was actually applying the Earth Right Super Stuff® a workman who was here noticed the container and said that he had tried Earth Right Super Stuff® and he too was impressed with the results… what was I waiting for.

I tried it on small garden area where I was unable to stick a dandelion digger in. Just like Janmarie said, I applied Earth Right Super Stuff® , watered in, then waited two weeks and tried my “digger again”.

To my amazement and surprise, I got about halfway down without any trouble. Janmarie said to do one more application….which I did.

Two weeks later the digger went easily all the way to the handle. Since that time I apply Earth Right Super Stuff® at least once a year and then The Mushroom Stuff® with each new plant. I once again have a thriving garden here in our new home.”

– Nancy Addy, Lifetime Gardener

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